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Florin is a versatile professional and a devoted people manager. His expertise encompasses three high-proficiency service lines: he is a lawyer – member of the Bucharest Bar, insolvency practitioner, and authorized evaluator – specialized on real estate evaluations.


Thanks to his extensive experience and qualifications, Florin offers complex, multifaceted perspectives on projects. He provides solution-oriented advice, coupled with forward-thinking ideas, on any legal challenges that may arise during a company’s lifetime from incorporation and development up to restructuring or insolvency.


Florin is a passionate advisor and a team-work virtuoso, leaning in to the clients’ needs, mentoring legal peers and promoting healthy, sustainable growth.

Florin has built long-term trust relationships with companies and entrepreneurs doing business in Romania. A few selected credentials include:

  • Advising one of the world’s leading American corporation active in the oil & gas E&P sector, on a full range of legal matters in view of assuring the successful entrance on the Romanian market;
  • Advising TINMAR-IND, one of the Romanian leading companies involved in electricity trading, in connection with the purchase of a photovoltaic power plant;
  • Advising Billa Romania in relation to the expansion of its presence on the local market;
  • Advising Tnuva Romania Israel on an extensive range of insolvency related matters;
  • Advising Fitoterapia SA with respect to company’s de-listing from Rasdaq market;
  • Advising the main public creditor during the insolvency procedure of Centrala Electrica de Termoficare (C.E.T.) Iasi, the heat provider for Iasi municipality
  • Conducting the business insolvency procedure on high worth projects: such as Top Brands International, a leading distributor active of the tobacco market and Pro Meat Fresh, former Carmistin, a leading meat products manufacturer;
  • Advising the leading pharmaceutical distributor Mediplus Exim on the development of a real estate project;
  • Advising a local non-financial credit institution Simplu Credit IFN on improving and increasing the recovery of receivables when dealing with corporate clients under financial distress.