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Florin Dobre

Find people who share your values and you’ll conquer the world together. John Ratzenberger


Florin is a versatile professional and a devoted people manager. His expertise encompasses three high-proficiency service lines: he is a lawyer – member of the Bucharest Bar, insolvency practitioner, and authorized evaluator – specialized on real estate evaluations.

Thanks to his extensive experience and qualifications, Florin offers complex, multifaceted perspectives on projects. He provides solution-oriented advice, coupled with forward-thinking ideas, on any legal challenges that may arise during a company’s lifetime from incorporation and development up to restructuring or insolvency.

Florin is a passionate advisor and a team-work virtuoso, leaning in to the clients’ needs, mentoring legal peers and promoting healthy, sustainable growth.

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Selena Stan

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin


Selena is a knowledge broker and a business enthusiast. A summa cum laude law graduate, she followed the path from Magic Circle law firm, to in-house counsel, to personal advisor to the shareholders.

Selena offers to the clients an expertise that extends beyond the traditional legal realm: she attended specialized London Business School training on financial management and was involved as project manager in complex legal and tax projects, both at national and international levels.

She is committed to continuous self and team development, know-how sharing and value creation. She is an active member of the Lean-In circles.

Clients – business and entrepreneurs – have grown to trust and appeal to Selena on manifold and demanding projects.

Dan Nicolaescu

To know values is to know the meaning of the market. Charles Dow


Dan is a financial solutions engineer combining ingenuity with solid know-how and practical insights. Dan brings together an academic background in International Business Management and Economics, a degree in financial analysis and more than 10 years of experience in business support services focused on business financing, financial analysis and financial optimization.

Dan’s involvement is the cornerstone of any successful project. He fuels the lifeline of business, through a wide network of financing partners and a case-by-case tailored solution.

His dedication and hard work are only exceeded by his ability to create a full trust relation with the client and to nurture a competent and loyal team of financial specialists.

Dan is the Partner on Corporate Finance Services of Brexton (former More Outsourcing), an emerging company on the financial & financing services market.

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